Little Grandmother mentioned crystal skulls in the video posted above (also mentions Egyptian Pyramids!), I have also found an interesting article on one of the skulls found by a Canadian family, which seems to have been made in a very peculiar way.

The only way to sculpt any crystal is to follow its axis or orientation of the crystal molecular symmetry. Going against the natural axis will shatter it to pieces. However the Mitchell-Hedges skull is carved against the natural axis of the crystal and shows no signs of scratches characteristic of carving metal instruments. The best hypothesis they could come up with was it was roughly cut out with diamonds and the detailed work was done with solution of silicon, sand and water. Now such a job, if possible, would have required 300 years of man hours to complete!!!

Maybe we are not that far advanced as we like to think? Maybe we are not as wise and grown up as we are said we are?

The Mayan foresaw how people would disconnect from Mother Nature in a future, around the beginning of the twenty-first century. Their prediction was a total change and shift in human consciousness to start a New Era. Watching the news, the ongoing political events and the unsettling nature catastrophes we really forced into a different way of operating, thinking and behavior.

The skulls show that the impossible is possible! What other mysteries will the skulls reveal? Someday we will understand the message they hold.

This is a transcript of Little Grandmothers video and her answers regarding the skulls:

Q: What role do the Crystal Skulls play (in the Earth and man’s “awakening”)? 
A: That’s a big question. I don’t know how much you would like me to go into the crystal skulls. 
The Crystal Skulls are very, very sacred because there are literal spirits inside these Crystals, men and women who were raised by indigenous cultures being taught all the wisdom from their tribe and from the beginning of that tribes time, everything that could be taught was taught to these people as they grew from a child into adulthood and then their life was taken, very willingly, so their spirit could go inside these skulls, with all of their knowing, with sacred truths and with all of their wisdom, and these skulls are to be brought together at the end of days, before the world changes into her beautiful self, and those spirits will come forth from the crystals and teach us those ancient truths again. 

Exactly how that’s going to happen I can’t say that I know for fact. But I have seen a couple of the skulls myself – they are so powerful. There really are beings/souls within these crystals that have so much wisdom, so much teaching and when they are brought together the whole world will learn from their wisdom


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