Ever sat at the base of your bed and begged for a spirit/God/guide/star being or anything else to show himself to you? I know I have, just recently in fact. We've been told that if we really want something then if we sincerely ask for it, it will come. That is true, but in this case there is a little more that needs to be done...

Have you ever really paid attention to Michelangelo's painting below?
I remember when I first acknowledged that painting at the age of around 7, I thought to myself "Why is Adam not making any effort to reach God, why is he so lazy?". Just look at him, he isnt trying at all, whereas God is reaching as far as he possibly can! Children really do understand life better than adults, I just never took that thought further, until a few weeks ago when I started reading a book that's changed my life, "Telos" by Aurelia Louise Jones.

Beings from other dimensions/planets are really trying to get in touch with us, theyre perhaps even more eager than we are, but they physically CANT come down to our low 3rd dimension. They vibrate at a higher frequency to us, so from the 5th dimensions our brothers and sisters from the Great White Brotherhood, just to give an example, can only come down to a certain level but we must RAISE OUR VIBRATIONS high enough to meet them two-thirds of the way up.

To explain this in an easier way: remember in school when told us that sound has different frequencies and that humans can hear a certain range, dogs hear a different range and bats yet another. We cant hear the noise bats make or can hear, but that doesnt mean it isnt there. This is how I personally understand different dimensions, we can only see what vibrates at a certain frequency, but if we raise our own frequency, or vibration, then we will be able to see/hear/touch things in other dimensions!!! Isnt that exciting!?!

So to summarise, the only thing we need to do to get in touch with beings from other dimensions is to RAISE OUR OWN VIBRATIONS. It is US who need to make the effort, for they are always ready and trying to reach out to us. 

How exactly do we do that then? There are many ways, the most important thing is to begin living from the heart in a state of unconditional love and happiness towards everything. You may need to find your own way to that path and there are many teachers out there who can help you. For me it was the teachings of Drunvalo Melchizedek and his book "Living in the Heart" where he explains precise steps you should take to actually go into your heart, where you will discover incredible things and learn to communicate with your Higher Self. (For the best description of how to begin actual communication with your Higher Self, please read the book called "Beyond the flower of life" by Maureen St. Germain.

For more precise things you could do, please read on. 

I found that it is absolutely VITAL that we get back in touch with our dear Mother Earth. 
We, humans, are the only species who vibrate at the same frequency as the Earth, so everything we do/think/say will affect our planet. Become child-like, play with nature, send her your love. Not only will you do a great thing for this planet, it will also help you raise your vibrations and you will notice in time you have become generally happier, more healthy (just 5 mins in nature a day can strengthen your immune system and prevent diseases - I havent been ill in a loong time!). Let out your inner child - does it tell you to climb a tree in your new white trousers? So go ahead and do it!! 

Try to find little things to make you happy and to help you stay in the present moment.90% of our day we spend thinking about either the past or the future, and most of it we spend worrying. Tomorrow, on your way to work, try to notice everything around you, really look at the trees, at the pretty flowers, acknowledge their beauty and be grateful for it all.
Try to keep positive and happy no matter what happens in your life, there's always a reason for it! You may think that something awful happened to you, but it could be a blessing, just like the boy falling off his horse seemed like a bad thing in the great parable video below, but then because he broke his leg he was not taken by the army. 

For me, I find it so helpful to wake every morning with a smile, and the first thing I do is thank my guides, my Higher Self, the universe, and any other beings that are helping me every day. If you have time for a meditation then all the better. I then go look at the sunrise (if I wake up early enough...) which immediately puts me in a good mood, we have magic in everyday life, we just forget to appreciate it...
One of the most important things is much easier because you dont have to do anything, you just have to not do something :) More specifically, you should try to watch less TV, read less newspapers and generally not follow the media. Now for most people this thought may be impossible to even consider, "how can you live without a TV"? Well I havent had a TV since 2006 and I'd never get one again - theres just so much rubbish out there. First of all it wastes your time...more like incredible amount of time. Secondly have you seen/read the news lately? Everything is just so negative, wherever you look there are oil spills, people dying and other awful events. Horror and fear sells..unfortunately, but the more negative things you see, read and hear, the more negative you become (I will talk more about this when I discuss the role of water in our bodies in the next blog). 

But surely we need to keep up with the news in some way? Yes it is important to know whats going on in the world but theres no need to watch TV or read newspapers for it. What you really need to know are the important bits, right? Have you noticed a truly important event not talked about? Most likely not, so chances are, you will hear about it from your friends or family - so you will be up to date and avoid all the rubbish headlines around it. 
Train yourself (yes train, this doesnt come over night) to be aware of your thoughts and actions. The first step is recognising when youve just thought something negative, judged someone or said something rude. How many times have you walked down the street, had someone bump into you and thought to yourself "what an arse, he didnt even appologize"? Never expect anything. He chose that path for himself, its his lesson so learn. 

a) shouldnt judge him for he has to go through this, and 
b) shouldnt allow yourself get angry, but if you do, acknowledge it and let it go

I love these 2 great quotes: 
"Holding on to anger and resentment is like drinking poison and expecting someone else to die" ~ Unknown
"If youre still upset about something that happened to you at 12, its the thought thats hurting you now" ~ Unknown

Letting go of unnecessary feelings will make you feel lighter, happier and will most certainly increase your vibrations. It does take some time though, but its so nice to see its effects! It was the best feeling looking down at a broken nail whilst being late to the airport and feeling...nothing!! :) 

Sharing a lovely video with you all about sharing kindness, this is how we should all act, all the time, but for now if you even do one selfless act a day, you will feel happier and help spread the happiness!
There are so many ways of increasing your vibrations but I dont want this post to get too big, how about a quick list of some ideas?
  • listen to music that you love, but please dont make that hardcore/rock music - I will talk about its effects in the next water post Ive mentioned before
  • try to do something new once in a while, if even just talking a different route home from work, its good to get out of the routine
  • go out exploring your city, I bet there are many wonderful places youve never been to, how about some art galleries or new parks? Make it a habit to see more beautiful things every week
  • light some candles, run a bath, incense...whatever makes you happy. Smelling lovely things will stimulate your happy hormones!! :)  
  • call someone you love, even if you speak to them every day
  • leave work on time, or early if possible. Too many people stay behind the desk way past end time. Do you live to work or work to live?
  • do more of what makes YOU happy, be that reading, hiking, skiing, painting or playing with your dog
  • acknowledge "friends" who are no longer serving your highest good, when youre around them, are they making you sad/annoyed/bad about yourself or others? If so, maybe its time to let them go and allow space for new friendships that will make you happier
  • hug a tree and ask it to take away your negative energy and give you some life force, send it your love (this is what helps me best)
  • dont forget one of the most important things - meditate! If you dont know how, ask around, or just start with the most simple one - just relax and breathe deeply and watch your thoughts. Acknowledge the kind of thoughts that pop into your head. You can even write them down and compare the lists after some time of practicing living from your heart. If you find you cant handle the mind chatter - start chanting a mantra
  • let go of your fears (this is a huge topic and one of the most important ones) - you can start by just setting your intention and telling yourself that youre releasing all your fears.
  • accept all challenges and lessons with an open heart and a smile - the faster you go through them, the sooner you will achieve your goal, so yes you want those freaky dreams/angry bosses/annoying cats in your life, if you learn your lesson, they will go away...if you dont, life will give you an even tougher lesson!
  • Smile at/talk to people on the streets, you may be surprised how many people smile back. This act will brighten up your day and of those around you.
To conclude: RAISE YOUR VIBRATIONS, be happy, be loving, be kind, let go of fears, negativity and media and you WILL reach our goals!
I would now like to share with you the most amazing books Ive read so far that have changed my life - "Telos" by Aurelia Louise Jones (you can download the first 2 out of 3 for free here: http://bit.ly/xlJOqi and the 3rd one here: http://bit.ly/zn3lY9)

The Lemurians are an incredible civilisation that came to Earth even before the Atlanteans, about 4.5million BC (you can read their history here). They have vast knowledge of the universe and how we live and how we are progressing. They live in the 5th dimension above Mt. Shasta in California and since they vibrate at a higher level, most of us cant see them...yet! The first book describes what their life is like, everyone lives in love and cares for one another, they work for 2 hours a day, have no money or government, basically its everything we want out of life...and we can get there!! The books describe in lots of detail exactly how we should act in order to get to their level of consciousness, but they highly stress the importance of raising your vibrations!

If you have any other ways that help you raise your vibrations, please share it with us in the comments below

Love and light
debbie s
1/21/2012 07:18:19 am

I have to say that I found this blog truly inspiration and filled with all the info you need for a better way of life. Big thanks to the author.

1/21/2012 06:03:33 pm

Thank you so so much, its the first blog Ive written so it means a lot to me - I just really felt a "need" to share this, like all the cells in my body were telling me what to write. Love and light <3

1/22/2012 08:05:14 am

Aww babe, this is amazing!!! Love it! Its all soo true :D Makes me happy to know that I am on the right track, really helps having such an amazing talented friend :) Yay, isnt it exciting! Fantastic writing, looking forward to more xxx

1/22/2012 05:37:34 pm

Thanks love, it is exciting indeed and its great having a friend like you whos always keeping me positive :) !! I will definitely write more, want to do my next one on water xxx

1/23/2012 02:06:41 am

Great writing and fantastic points! :) WRITE MORE :)

1/23/2012 03:30:03 am

Thank youuu, I will :))

1/25/2012 08:47:17 pm

When we work from our heart centre and vibrate the unconditional love we feel inside, it goes without saying that our actions and words will reflect this.

Thank you for these words, you truly are beauty-full.

Satnam x

1/26/2012 07:31:42 pm

Thank you for the lovely words <3


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