There is a starting point for everyone in learning how to love without condition and attract more love into your life. This is a list of things to try and do to begin opening your heart and develop unconditional love. Some of these are so easy to do, but we just need to be reminded of them once in a while. Why not try to keep a diary or reminders? 

  • Forgive rather than hold grudges
  • Shrug off criticism, smile at the person attacking you. We tend to react badly to criticism, but if you keep reminding people of how good they are, they will respond positively and lovingly. If you need to point out a wrong doing (e.g. to an employee) you should do so in a humane and caring way.
  • Always look at someone’s good points and try to ignore the bad ones. Praise their good work, give kind words and encouragement. This will give immediate response and you will notice their attitude changing towards you.
  • If you come across someone you really don’t like, just ignore them whenever possible – “live and let live”.
  • If you want to do something good but are afraid of peoples reactions – just do it anyway, you may regret it later. So many good intentions and thoughts go no further than the mind…
  • Send people healing and love over distance, just imagine their face or put your hand over their picture and hold the intention of sending them a stream of love. You don’t need to be a qualified healer or even know the person to do this. Send it without condition, be happy for them.
  • Be positive about everything – including the weather! Positive thoughts are high vibration and will attract the energy of love. This will soon develop into a habit and you can constantly keep your vibration high. Write all the positive thoughts about yourself and people you know in a journal.
  • Love yourself! Give yourself time to do what you want to do, surround yourself with loving friends, avoid saying negative things about yourself. Allow yourself to make mistakes without beating yourself up about them.
[This list is adapted from Anne Jone's "Opening your Heart" book - its amazing if you want a guide to learning how to open your heart http://www.annejones.org/ ]

I made myself the following picture http://bit.ly/jNrFgG to put on my wall to constantly remind myself of the list, thought I would share it with those of you who would like to do the same :)

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