The New Earth Energies for May 2011: BIRTHING THE STARCHILD

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL through Celia Fenn

Beloved Family of Light, once again it is with Joy and Pleasure that we welcome you into this Space of Light and Higher Consciousness. You have been through many changes in the last weeks, and now the energy begins to settle as you move into the Deep Peace and Light of the Wesak Full Moon! Beloveds, we remember well the time when the Buddha walked on the Earth, anchoring the Divine Masculine energy of Love and Awakened Compassion! How wonderful it is now that this energy is being reawakened in those of you who are walking the path of Higher Consciousness and Love.

Dear all, these are my notes from Kiesha Crowther's (aka Little Grandmother) workshop in Wales (March 2011). No video was allowed during this event so this summarises most of what she said. 
Please note this is not a complete list yet, I will add to it when I get the chance: