Dear all, these are my notes from Kiesha Crowther's (aka Little Grandmother) workshop in Wales (March 2011). No video was allowed during this event so this summarises most of what she said. 
Please note this is not a complete list yet, I will add to it when I get the chance:
Kiesha Crowther – talk and workshop in Narberth, Wales

11-12 March 2011

Mother Earth
  • Universal law = we, the planets children, will not be allowed to kill mother earth but that’s exactly what were doing, we will be removed if we continue this
  • If you don’t have the same feelings for mother earth as you do for your own mother, then you have a problem! She is our divine, sacred mother, she cares for us, shes the sacred feminine – the heart chakra of all that exists
  • How many times do you drive by the same plant without giving it any attention, there plants have souls, emotions. Would you let someone trash and rape your mother?
  • Even if you have completely forgotten mother earth, even if you abuse her, she still gives us water/food. She is our mother, she deserves better!
  • Mother earth is alive, she has a spirit, feelings, energy. Our ancient ancestors knew this, they would never cut down a tree without saying thank you.
  • We’ve always been taught to pray to our heavenly father, but who gives you food? Our bodies would not function without mothers energy flowing through us
  • There are only 2 things that vibrate at the same level – the earth and our bodies, and science can prove it! What you do to your planet, you do to yourself!
  • Touch a tree or put your feet into water and breathe in the energy. It only takes 5 mins in nature to fill your whole body with energy for a day
  • You can sit holding a plant and breathe in the energy you don’t need to see it
  • Animals have no ego, they are pure love. They give love and ask for nothing in return
  • Animals are not less than us, we can learn something from them!
  • Some beings exist just to keep the higher vibration up, to give us the opportunity to move forward. à whales, elephants, dolphins and the mentally disabled, they have a higher vibration than humans
  • Energy is highest on top of mountains, especially during sunrise and sunset, that is when energy vibrates the fastest
  • Animals will interact with you if you open your heart and emotions, then you can feel what theyre saying
  • Animals have gifts to give, but you cant just take without asking (e.g. claws, fur). Kiesha got sick from that. Must give thanks!

The shift
  • The poles are already shifting, we are on the verge of something major that Earth has never faced before
  • The earth will be reborn into something more magical than we can imagine!
  • We must do something now – there is no time to waste! Be love, kindness, compassionate, tender
  • We don’t have to DO anything, no need to be active and protest, we just need to BE love. Being love is the answer, energy is an incredible thing.
  • The shift has happened a few times before, the Mayans have lived through it. For them it took a year for the poles to shift (and its already started!) and the actual mind change will happen in 20 mins. 
  • When the world will stop living from the ego and the mind and start living from the heart, we will have a new planet, new DNA and will use all 100% of our brain.
  • Before the mind switch, we will have 3 days of darkness, during this time we must stay calm and be love. Whatever we feel then will triple, quadruple, so if you feel love, that will be intensified, if you feel fear, that will get 3 times worse
  • Money, religion and the government will fall so our lives can change
  • Atlantians had ego so when the poles shifted, they fell. Will we rise of fall? Ours will be worse, the Atlantians were not destroying the earth, we will simply be removed.
  • You have the authority to change the world by simply being born. You are worthy, you don’t need someone elses approval or a fancy title. You have the obligation to want a better world! I will not sit back

Star beings
  • Humans only fear what we don’t understand, be brave, we must move forward
  • There are many sacred sites around the world where truth and wisdom is buried. Usually star beings are also found there.
  • [a lot more needs to be added here]

Living from the heart
  • It is our heart, love and actions than can create a better world
  • Weve been living from our  mind/ego for far too long, that’s whats led us to this chaos
  • Love energy is x10 stronger than hate, so it doesn’t take everyone in the world to change, if 1/3 of the planet can live from the hearth the stronger energy will win and the global consciousness will flip
  • Ego creates war, separation, conflict
  • At 7pm UK time, the whole world goes into a synchronous meditation, pray for the mass animal deaths, for the world to heal

About you and enlightenment
  • You cant think or teach your way into enlightenment, you must love your way. Your feelings and emotions are your connection to the Great Spirit/Great I am
  • You can ask yourself, your Higher Spirit questions, and the answers will always be yes/no. E.g. If you want to ask if you should get this job and you feel calm and relaxed, then it’s a yes, if you feel hesitant then it’s a no. Your heart always knows best, listen to your heart.
  • We are the strongest, wisest and most wilful of all souls ever to arrive on the Earth, we were chosen.
  • All the lessons you see in everyday life, you have created for yourself, you chose this life before starting it. You know better than anyone what you need to learn, that is why you chose to be born to these parents in this country. What is the lesson? Start thinking and reacting in a different way.
  • Were all in different grades, everyone has to go through their lessons, don’t judge them
  • There are no mistakes, stop being so hard on yourself. If you think is was a mistake, you have learnt something
  • There are no mistakes, only learning opportunities
  • Were greedy, we need to give love back too! Just because you cant see something, doesn’t mean its not there. If you call someone on the phone, you don’t see them, but you know theyre there
  • If something isn’t serving you highest good, it will go away, just let it go, leave only whats best for you
  • Status, things of ego have no meaning. Stop worrying about things that you’ve worried about for so long. 
  • What other people think of you if none of your business. It has nothing to do with you, you are perfect as you are, what matters are your actions
  • Why did we send ourselves here? We each have something spectacular to give to the world
  • We are the creators of our world – so create the world you want, stop going along with the flow. Why should we just be ok to live in this world if we can change it for the better. We have forgotten how powerful we are, this is how energy works, and we are energy! We have the power, we need to remember how wonderous we are!

  • If youre having a bad day, you make sure everyone else does – we feed off each others energy. Are you a giver or a taker? We have no right to take or give out energy to others. Mother earth gave us energy that we alone must use, if youre lacking in energy, go outside to recharge and breathe, it only takes 5 mins and is available 24/7.
  • In the last 2 years, our energies have tripled and science can prove it. Blobs of energy has been coming out of the sky, little bits are fed to us gradually because soon lots of energy will come and we wont be able to handle it otherwise. This is why we get headaches, dizziness and fogginess. If you get ill for no reason, your body is simply adjusting, youre getting rid of old energy
  • Spirals in the sky are vortexes of energy that have come down to help us enlighten. This has been seen all other the world during ancient times when people could not communicate between countries. This hasn’t happened for thousands of years and now can be seen over every continent. Theyre opening holes in the atmosphere to bring us energy for the pole shift

The modern world
  • You don’t have to give your energy to that which is negative
  • You can love bad people, you love their souls but you don’t have to love/accept their actions. Their souls were made of love and light like yours, but they may be failing their lessons. That is none of our business.
  • Its your choice – if something bad happens to you, do you become a druggie to deal with it or do you chose to stay strong and grow from it?
  • Our DNA is changing, this can also be scientifically proven
  • Mass animal deaths – most likely man made, humans have discovered how to control the weather and they may be testing it on animals. They use it as a weapon 

  • Atlantians had large crystals that gave out love, we wear crystals to connect to this love. Kiesha is activating there sacred large crystals that are hidden all over the world. Crystal bowls also open the heart chakra
  • Crystals can be activated using singing bowls, they open up ancient energies
  • You should ask permission from mother earth to use crystals
  • Atlantians had no electricity, they didn’t need it, they used crystal energy. One tiny fragment of a crystal is enough to run the worlds largest computer
  • Ego destroyed the Atlantians, their high “priests” realised the power of the crystals and used it to manipulate others. That is why they got flooded.
  • When the flood came to Atlantis, the good “priests” took the wisdom crystals and hid them in the earth
  • Crystals are the heart of mother earth, they have a soul. You can embed them into water (fastest conductor of energy) with our prayers. The prayers will go into the water, it’ll spread and cleanse the water. Then it will evaporate and the prayers will go into the air and clean the air. Then clouds form, dense with our prayers, so when it rains, everything touched by the rain will contain our love
  • What to pray for to the crystals? Pray for the animals to be healed, thank them for being pure love. Pray for the water/air to be cleaned.

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