Hello everyone.

I feel the need to write again! I wanted to share my post-workshop experiences as I struggled to find others reviews and would have found it helpful myself to see what people are going through.

I just got back from Tom Kenyon's workshop in Germany and Im not sure exactly what it did to me, but it certainly did something, or I wouldnt be writing a blog right now! From what I understood he cleansed our chakras by using sound vibrations whilst he was channelling the Hathors. The energy in the room of about 400 people was very intense, you could see people reacting physically to his voice by shaking, bouncing and I was lucky enough to sit next to someone who was kind of going nuts...But it was quite amazing, I would honestly say that no human can produce these noises, they were out-of-this-world sounds...

During breaks and after, just like he said, I didnt want to speak. At all. It was just so comfortable not speaking. He also said that we shouldnt make any life-changing decisions within the next 7 days because we will see life differently, he even joked about quitting jobs.

After the workshop, at 7pm I fell asleep...and didnt wake up until 13-14 hours later. Well I woke up for 2 mins and could suddenly speak German (2 days before I struggled to remember how to say thank you) and perfect French...too bad I somehow forgot it by morning!

I guess I expected that if Im cleansed that I should be totally happy with life the morning after, but I wasnt. As I was travelling I felt the need to fast, I was hungry, but for some reason my mind and body was shouting at me not to eat, so I didnt for most of the day. I figured I could use the detox from the pasta and croissants I had in Garching (Germans dont cater too well for raw vegans...). In the evening, I was on the phone and I just felt like I cant talk anymore, and I didnt feel like being nice and pretending to want to talk, so I hung up. I know people say about becoming less tolerant to people who dont serve your highest good, and I think thats what I experienced.

Its been 3 days. The day after I got back, again, I didnt want to eat, but this time I wasnt even hungry. When I went for lunch I had half of what Id normally eat. I dont understand whats happening to me, maybe Im going breatharian!! Also I constantly have the feeling in my mouth like Im thirsty and I havent had ANY sugar cravings!!! I usually always want sugar, I even turned down free raw sugar free cake, just didnt want anything sweet O.o

At work, I usually have a big problem with the music they play in the office, I usually put on my headphones, tolerate it and then grumble about it on the weekends. But today it just drove me mad, I was shaking with irritability! Then I remembered Tom's advice and decided not to make any rash decisions :) How very curious, I seem to be 200% more sensitive to my surroundings, physically and emotionally. I usually cant stand people smoking on the streets but now its even worse. The only thing Im not irritated about is the weather, surprisingly enough, when I was not spiritually awake thats the only thing that bothered me hahaha.

Today - more "tests" from the universe. Had to go deal with the bank who totally ripped me off, and though its kinda my fault for not checking the details, it still annoyed me seeing how banks control people and make our lives miserable, one more reason to stop using money altogether. At the very same time, the same friend who I was speaking to on the phone before, text me. When someone pushes your buttons every once in a while with the same thing that you find irritating and unnecessary in your life, eventually you explode. And so I did, thankfully I was at the bank and sent an angry text, but I was ready to actually scream. Thats just SO not me though!!! Im a very kind and patient person who doesnt easily explode at things. Did Tom heighten my emotions or did he just make me less tolerant to "modern" life??? Suppose the fact that Im detoxing/fasting/breatharianising (lol whatever) isnt helping my mood right now either, but I was reading other peoples experiences after Tom Kenyons workshops and one even said she spend the first 2 days throwing up and detoxing, so perhaps its totally normal!! Just weird...

At least I look totally stunning today and that makes me a little happy :)) 

Well think thats enough of rambling. Im going to try my best to trust that the universe has my best interest and surrender completely. My mum was right when she tried to calm me down, this is way outside my comfort-box and I shouldnt try to logically understand it but just go with it. 

If I suddenly start growing wings or breathing underwater, I will let you know :) 



Its been 7 days and I think I understood why the food changes were happening. I was researching breatharianism and read somewhere that when all of your chakras have been cleansed/opened, thats what makes living on prana possible, which totally makes sense now.

There are several types of hunger, to narrow down to 2, theres the "need" and the "want" hunger. This week I had NO "want" hunger, I didnt want food for emotional reasons or just for the taste, like most of us do on a daily basis, I just ate when I really physically needed to (and even that was cut down by about 50%). 

On my 6th day I cleansed myself completely and it felt like I had NOTHING in my guts, Ive never felt my stomach so soft, it was awesome! But best of all, I got a totally new perspective, I realised how much were controlled by food and our emotions to it, and how its totally not necessary if you know how to live off another, universal nourishment source (please note: Im NOT talking about fasting, breatharianism is NOT giving up food and Im in no way promoting that).

Any side effects? Well mood swings obviously, but thats expected after a detox and a chakra cleanse/DNA alteration and whatever else Tom Kenyon may have done. I didnt feel tired, didnt faint and had no typical symptoms of "starvation", felt like I was in a good healthy state. 

By the 7th day I think the effects started to wear off (Tom did mention a 7 day period), I had to sing at a concert and so got a little nervous and *boom* just like that my "want"/"emotional" hunger came back and for the first time I ate a normal sized meal. For the whole day after I kept experiencing the "want" hunger but I resisted all the smells and temptations. As a side note, Ive been very curious lately as to why raw food smells so little compared to cooked food, perhaps its to diminish the temptation to eat??

I am incredibly grateful for this experience, it has really helped me see the difference between when Im actually hungry or when I just feel like eating because Im bored/want something yummy/emotionally unbalanced/being social etc. Now I think its a matter of willpower to resist the "wants" of my body and to meditate more to get myself back into that state that I can live mostly on prana and not want food for its taste. Thank you universe for opening my eyes to this incredible way of living!! <3 


Gosh this blog is getting big. I came to a 2nd realisation this morning. Maybe it wasnt JUST Tom's vibrations that caused this, at one point he told us to keep our tongues at the roofs of our mouths for some time, he didnt  go into details but I understood he meant we need to go into the creation-mode (where you can create ANYTHING you want) as Drunvalo taught us how to do for 5 days at his Awakening the Illuminated heart workshop in Sedona.

So I did as we were taught and throughout the entire time I kept thinking how much I want to get on the path of being a breatharian, how this is the logical path for me and everyone, but I didnt get myself attached to the idea. Funnily enough, I TOTALLY forgot about that until an audio book (which I NEVER listen to) triggered the memory this morning.

Makes me wonder, what if it really was just ME who *finally* entered the creation space and created that reality for myself, with the help of Tom's vibrations to speed and enhance the process...very interesting!!

5/9/2012 11:57:03 pm

Wow! Sounds intense! I've not heard about this workshop before...sounds intriguing, if a little scary! Looking forward to hearing how it develops x

5/10/2012 12:44:10 am

Thanks hun! I honestly didnt expect anything from it, Ive had my chakras cleansed before and didnt physically feel different...but Tom Kenyon is something out of this world really, incredible energy! He has free music on his website if youre interested :) xx


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