Saying "I am" followed by whatever you then say, is literally one of THE most powerful things human beings say...sadly frequently followed by a negative - such as "tired", "sick", "depressed" etc etc...

ANYTHING you say after "I am" will manifest eventually!!

When someone says "I am" he is using the creative attribute of the Godhead and announcing creation at his particular point in the universe.

The vibratory action of the word "I am" either in thought or spoken word is the release of the Power of Creation, and whatever follows that decree is instantly impressed upon the electronic substance of the ethers (energy field around you - its SERIOUSLY sensitive!)

So lets be positive and say the following EVERY morning:

I am part of the Universal Mind and beyond
I am one with life and all life forms and they are one with me
I am my past and my present and my future and the spiritual path that binds them like a thread as one
I am perfect love
I am perfect light
I am perfect truth
I am perfect trust
I am perfect change
I am perfect evolution

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