According to Sri Swami Satchidananda, one of the most revered Yoga masters of our time:

It’s better to say, “I am happy,” than, “I want to be happy.” The minute you say, “I want to be happy,” that very want disturbs the mind.

So what happens if you get what you want?

How many people want something this very minute, a new phone, a designer bag, that amazing car you saw advertised yesterday? If you are caught up in this, you’ll say, “I can’t be happy without that thing.” So you pay the price.

First you want it, then you get it. So where are you now? The same place you were before you wanted it. Happy.

You were happy before you wanted the new car. The moment you wanted it, you became unhappy. And the moment you got it, you were happy again. Where did the happiness come from? The thing by itself didn’t give you any happiness. You regained the happiness when you took the want back or when you fulfilled the cavity or depression created by the want.

Ask yourself this, are you truly happy this very minute of your life? What would really change if you got that thing you so badly want? 

The moment you stop wanting something…you will actually receive more than you could imagine. I shall give you a personal example: for this Christmas I didnt want any presents, and I honestly didnt! When it came to gift-giving time, what was waiting for me under the tree was nothing less than a shiny new iPad…

So try to let go of the “want” feeling, just accept what you have and good things will come to you! 

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